The more I work with clients and projects, implementing the process of design thinking and applied creativity, increasingly the importance of applied creativity is coming to the fore. Today, we have a lot of knowledge, use cases and research available in the area of how we can enhance the level and state of our thinking to solve seemingly complex problems. We also have enough and more examples of applying augmented intelligence to innovate products, services, and business models.

What is needed to optimize the innovation potential is to work on identifying the synergies of both Design Thinking and Artificial Intelligence. At a recent workshop, we conducted at the World University of Design on “Design Thinking and Artificial Intelligence” we unlocked the power of this synergy. Working across close to 200 students, faculty members and industry experts, we realized exponential gains in innovation and creativity.

This approach of taking a singular view can unleash tremendous value and unlock innovation. This seems to be a good option to move ahead rather than worrying right now about the singularity of technology.

Author: Pintu Badal Date: 2020-06-26 04:09:00
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