Deep Learning With Python
Fast-Forword your Career with market-relevant “IIIT-Bhagalpur Certifi ed Deep Learning with Python Program” from the best in the Industry

This program is focused on building industry- ready professionals who can work on Deep Learning Platforms leveraging machine learning, data mining, and statistical modeling for predictive and prescriptive enterprise analytics. This program will enable you to develop understanding and practical experience with neural network models, deep learning & data analytics using Tensor-flow and Python.
Specially developed in collaboration with academia & AI Industry experts to reskill and retool working professionals towards Artificial Intelligence space, this program offers the following benefits: Experienced Faculty-Led Sessions: Live-Interactive Online classes. Program content & structure designed in collaboration with faculty and Industry experts.

Session: 2 hours/day - 2 days a week (weekend) Batch Size: 50 Students

Interactive Live Modules

Hours of Learning

Industry Projects


Indian Institute of Information Technology- Bhagalpur in collaboration with Vitti offers certified Project Based Learning Program in “Advanced Python API for Deep Learning” with deep-dive in “Neural Networks”

Syllabus Structure

What you will learn from this course

Module 1 : Introduction to deep learning
  • Fundamental concepts
  • Feature learning
  • Deep Learning algorithms
  • Object Recognition and Classification
  • Open source package for deep learning
  • TensorFlow, Keras, H2O
Module 2 : Unsupervised Feature Learning
  • Autoencoders
  • Network Design
  • Restricted Boltzmann machines
  • Hopfield network and Boltzmann machines
  • Implementation in TensorFlow
  • Deep belief networks
Module 3 : Convolutional Neural Network
  • Architecture of CNN
  • Types of layers in CNN
  • Building an image classifier using CNN
  • Deep Learning with CNN

Module 4 : Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Language modeling
  • Word-based models
  • N-grams
  • Character-based model
  • LSTM network
  • Speech Recognition
  • Speech as input data
  • Acoustic model
  • Image Recognition
Module 5 : Deep Learning for Board Games
  • Early game playing AI
  • Using min-max algorithm to value game states
  • Implementing tic-tac-toe games
  • Deep learning in Monte Carlo Tree Search
Module 6 : Deep Learning for Computer Games
  • A supervised learning approach to computer games
  • Applying genetic algorithm to playing games
  • Q-learning
  • Dynamic Games
Module 7 : Anomaly Detection
  • What is anomaly and outlier detection
  • Real-world application of anomaly detection
  • Anomaly detection using deep encoders
  • MNIST digit anomaly recognition using H2O library
  • Electrocardiogram pulse detection

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Our Faculty

A.K Sinha
Lead Instructor


One of the excellent courses in deep learning. As stated its advanced and enjoyed a lot in solving the assignments. Looking forward for more such courses especially in Natural language processing.

- Pradeep Bhatt

The hardest, yet most satisfying course I've ever taken in deep learning, by the end of the course I was doing stuff that was borderline sci-fi and that was just "introduction" to deep learning

- Swati Joshi

Great course. Even though I've done Andrew Ng's ML course twice and completed his Deep Learning Specialization, I learned a lot of new things in this Intro Course of AML specialization.

- Shivam Pandey

Course FAQ

In the event that you need to break into AI, this Specialization will assist you with doing as such. Deep Learning is one of the most profoundly looked for after abilities in tech. We will assist you with getting the hang of Deep Learning.
In this course, you will gain proficiency with the advanced knowledge of Deep Learning, understand how to create neural networks, and figure out how to lead successful AI and Machine Learning ventures. You will find out about Convolutional networks, RNNs, LSTM, Reinforcement Learning, Q-Learning, Handwritten Digit Classification and more. You will likewise get an opportunity to learn Deep Learning for face recognition, Speech Processing and Emotion Recognition, natural language processing, Genetic Algorithms in developing more advanced and dynamic games.
This program has been made explicitly for understudies who are keen on machine learning and AI, deep learning, and who have working information on Python programming, including NumPy and pandas. it's a beginner-friendly program.
  • Pupils should have a basic knowledge of linear algebra (matrix-vector operations and notation).
  • Pupils should have an understanding of machine learning concepts (how to represent data, what an ML model does, etc.)
Deep learning is an Artificial Intelligence(AI) function that imitates the workings of the human brain in processing data and creating patterns for use in decision making. Deep learning is a subset of Machine Learning, also known as deep neural network or deep neural learning.
On completion of the program, students will have developed a world-class skill set in their selected technology domain that provides “Employability Enhancing” skills and practical exposure thereby substantially increasing their earning potential and compensation benchmarks.
Hey, No need to worry! Our in-house Learning Management System will provide you with recordings of every lecture.
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