Computer Vision
Joint Certification Program with MIICCIA

There has been a gigantic blast in the uses of Computer Vision these days. Giving our machines the capacity not exclusively to examine through information input yet to "see" what it is they're exploring, we open up our information to a larger number of sorts of contributions than customary content. Computer vision gives us ongoing information for visual sources of info. It gives an examination of image information, including object recognition and image classification, permitting us to investigate our unstructured information all the more intently. The uses of Computer Vision extend from understanding the earth in a Self - Driving Car to developing Facial Recognition based Attention Systems for study halls in the Education Industry.

Duration: 40 Days Session: 2 hours/day - 4 days a week Batch Size: 30 Students

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This course is intended to give you a sample of how the hidden strategies work in the present status - of - the - Art Computer Vision frameworks, and strolls you through a couple of the striking Computer Vision applications like like Tracking faces with Haar Cascades, Detecting and tracking different body parts, Extracting features from images, Hand gesture recognition, Face recognition using PCA, Face recognition using wavelets, Recognizing emotions on faces in a hands-on way so you can make such solutions all alone.

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