AI and Design
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In this age of fast-growing technology and innovation, Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting embedded in so many everyday products without realizing its existence. Creating an AI embedded and AI-empowered environment is not only about creating a smart machine. It is about finding ways to design systems through which humans can find a balance between natural and artificial, a balance between art and science. That’s how design plays a vital role in creating these systems of which AI is an integral part. Design and Design thinking is no more limited to Designers now. Incorporating Design Thinking in the process of innovation could embed the human factor to enhance the experience and function of the system or a product vis-à-vis, AI can help designers to design a product or a system by taking care of some usual work that saves time and effort for the designer to spend on idea building. This course explores the existing scenario and finds out how AI has already become part of our surroundings, as well as it explores how Design thinking can be part of the AI innovation process to further enhance human factor and experience in future AI embedded and empowered human environments.

Duration: 2 Week Session: 2 hours/day - 4 days a week Batch Size: 40 Students

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Syllabus Structure

What you will learn from this course

Day 1
Duration: 2 Hours
Instructor: Aditi Parikh (In charge) + Aastha Deshpande
  • Course Introduction
  • Understanding of what is AI, where all you can spot AI in your surrounding environment and systems
  • How Design of products have changed over a period of times to adapt to the changing technology
  • How technology and AI is changing our lives
Day 2
Duration: 2 Hours
Instructor: Mr. Kunal Gera

  • Basic fundamentals of AI and various terminologies associated with it
  • Types of AI systems
  • Application of Various systems
Day 3
Duration: 2 Hours
Instructor: Akshay Raghuvanshi (Incharge) + Aditi Parikh
  • What is Design and What is Design Thinking
  • How Design thinking is becoming Integral part of every innovation process
  • Basic understanding of Design process
  • Exploring fields of Design where AI is getting integrated
Day 4
Duration: 1 Hours
Instructor: Gaurav Sharma (Incharge)+ Kunal Dahiya
  • AI in Product and Industrial Design
  • Application of AI in Design process
  • Application of Design thinking in AI innovation process
  • Future projections for AI enabled and empowered products
Duration: 1 Hours
Instructor: Nagesh Lakhan (Incharge)+ Akshay Raghuvanshi
  • AI in Communication Design
  • Application of AI systems in websites, advertisements, social media, game
  • Application of communication design in AI enabled products / systems / services
  • Future projections for AI enabled and empowered communication technology

Day 5
Duration: 1 Hours
Instructor: Parul Dawar (Incharge)+ S.K.Satyam
  • AI in Fashion Design
  • Wearable technology
  • Future projections for AI-enabled and empowered apparels and accessories
  • How technology and AI is changing our lives
Duration: 1 Hours
Instructor: Akansha Wadhwani (Incharge)+ Anupam Saikia
  • Role of AI in Visual Art
  • How the perception towards arts in changing along with change in technology
  • Examples of AI-empowered and enabled art
  • Future projections for Visual arts in the technology-driven world
Day 6
Duration: 1 Hours
Instructor: Pulama Oinam (Incharge)+ Rajat Verma
  1. AI in Architecture and spaces
  2. Technology empowered buildings and spaces
  3. How AI is helping designing smart buildings
  4. Future projections for AI-enabled and empowered cities, buildings, and spaces
Duration: 1 Hours
Instructor: Pulama Oinam (Incharge)+ Rajat Verma
  • Roll of Design strategy and management in AI-based innovation
  • Case studies of some successful innovations and ventures
  • How AI can help in proposing right strategies at different levels of design innovation
  • Future of Design and AI-led innovative businesses
Day 7
Duration: 1 Hours
Instructor: Yogesh Pargaien (Data Scientist - Vitti AI)
  • Demo of any one particular process of AI i.e. Movement recognition / face recognition / voice recognition
Duration: 1 Hours
Instructor: Akshay Raghuvanshi (Incharge) + Aditi Parikh
  • Brief on the process of finding ideas related to the process explained.
  • How can you integrate the AI into a product or a system?
  • Explanation of reference worksheets
Day 8
Duration: 1 Hours
Instructor: Akansha Wadhwani (Incharge) + Aditi Parikh
  • Addressing Ethical and Moral concerns related to AI
  • How to drive the AI innovation process in the direction which is beneficial to the human race
Duration: 1 Hours
Instructor: Akansha Wadhwani (Incharge) + Aditi Parikh
  • Concluding the course
  • Taking feedback
    Submit the previous assignment
    Certificate: A certificate and grades will be shared with all participants on the next day finishing the course

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25 June, 2020

Course FAQ

The course can be opted by anyone above age 14, who wants to understand AI and future of Design and Innovation with context of AI. The course is designed in such a way that it explains all complex terminologies, systems and processes, methods in a non technical way which can be understood by anyone. It could be highly beneficial for students who wants pursue to or are pursuing Design, Engineering, Management as their careers and also for faculties of schools and colleges who wants to bring aspects of Design and AI into their curriculum. It is also beneficial for new startups and businesses who wants to combine technological and AI aspects into their products / services / systems and wants to stand out as technologically advance brand in this competitive market. Design and AI are part of almost any product / system development process in today`s time and bringing that aspect into your career and /or business would put you leaps ahead of your peers.
The course is focused to all the people who are generally interested understanding technology based innovation or people who are from non-technical back ground. The course is designed in such a way that it explains all the technical parts of both the fields of AI and Design in a completely non-technical way, focusing on fundamental ideas and concepts behind various systems, processes and methods.
AI is integral part of many of the products and systems that we see in our physical environment. There are more and more products which are getting new features with the integration of AI to help the human with the routine and sometimes repetitive work. The human factor and experience which are associated with these systems and products are brought with the use of Design. Through this course, teachers can bring in new tools in their teaching methodologies which are technologically advance and user friendly as well which can help in their teaching -learning methods. Also, bringing this subject into the mainstream in education is need of an hour. Through this course, teachers can understand how they can incorporate inputs of AI and Design in their syllabus.
AI and Design both are integral part of any innovation process in today`s time. Even if you are not from technical or Design background, the course will introduce you to various processes, systems and applications of AI through explaining the fundamentals in a simple and creative way. Understanding the concepts of all these processes and applications would help you in choosing the best suitable ones for your business which your technical / ai team can implement. This learning can also help you in integrating some of the innovative features in your product which can help you in bringing out a new innovative product which could stand out in the market. The basics of design help you in bringing all these aspects together along with aspects of human experience, function and usability, sustainability, cost, etc.
The course is a non technical course which will explain AI and Design in a very simple, creative and interactive way. AI and Design is not limited to any particular field in today`s time. AI and Design are now seen tools to develop any system or product in any of the fields. Understanding basics of both through this course would put you in better position to get better job profile than your peers. You could bring out multiple changes in your organisation with your skills opted through this course. It can also help you if you want to become and entrepreneur and wanting to create your own start up. AI and Design could help you in understanding market needs in a better way along with helping you in designing innovative systems for your startup.
You would be getting multiple assignments throughout the course which will help you in bringing out your creative and innovative abilities. The course also enables you to understand the complex AI systems which is integrated in our physical environment and products in a simple way so that you would be able to deal with them in a better manner. The course enables you to think about the aspects of human factor, usability and experience which can help you in analysing the surrounding products and systems or the once which are part of your organisation. The course also touches upon the moral and ethical issues concerning AI and makes the participants understand the ways in which we can bring out good for humanity through AI and Design.
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