Vitti (a Sanskrit word which means “Consciousness or Intelligence”) is very first non-profit dedicated “Centre of Excellence”(COE) an umbrella research organization for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Research & Development in India.

Focus Areas

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Research & Development

Vitti plans to become the premier systems laboratory for R&D in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics. It will cater to Industry’s AI research & implementation needs and is going to salign with premier academic institutions & research foundations globally.

Knowledge Forum

Vitti’s objectives include development of algorithms and applications for design of general AI and increasing the safety and reliability aspect of such systems. It’s charter is to work closely with government, Industry, Research foundations/ centers & academics in developing & delivering research oriented AI & robotics implementations.

Social Impact

Vitti will be research hub focussed on some of the fundamental AI problem sets and will endeavour to publish papers and generate Intellectual Property (IPs) in partnership with academia, global foundations ( Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center , MIT Media Lab, MIRI, OpenAI ), IT & Domain Industries & Government initiatives.

Technology Advancement

Vitti will bring domain focus ( BNFS, Insurance, Manufacturing & Automotive, Retail etc.) and amalgamate associated technology set e.g. Neurosciences, BCI, Mixed Reality to AI world and endeavour to help industry solve some of the real world problems and deliver horizontal/vertical POCs & enterprise applications.

About us

As Vedanta stands for the concept and the relations between: Brahman – the ultimate metaphysical reality, Ātman / Jivātman – the individual soul or self,and Prakriti – the empirical world, ever-changing physical universe, body and matter, Vitti puts a strong focus on growth of Artificial Intelligence foundational knowledge thru global collaboration and academic research.

  • Bolstering the use of fair AI for the public good.
  • Strengthening interfaces with industry and policy-makers.
  • Bringing pedagogical rigor and hands on industry experience.
  • Building an institutional knowledge base on the ethics and governance of AI.
  • Incubating, Mentoring & Funding start-ups in Data Analytics/ AI /Robotics space.
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Social Benifit Projects We are Working

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VRF Acknolodgement

Award & Recognition


AI World Award 2022

Vitti (VRF) acknowledge AI World Award 2022 -

AI World Award 2022 is an Virtual Event hosted on 12th February 2022. AI WORLD AWARDS is a platform in India recognising the initiators offering innovative AI solutions , AI designing, Software, New product development, Research, Education, Services offered across sectors and specialisation. It recognised VITTI RESEARCH FOUNDATION with the AI WORLD AWARDS 2022 - “AI CATALYST IN RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT ” The Award felicitation was in the august presence of top industry luminaries from AI expertise.

Recent Works

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AIX Exchange Launched

Vitti Foundation launched India's first AI Exchange which will connect multiple stakeholders in AI and Emerging Technologies.

“AIX is a very powerful Idea. It is so much required to propel AI for All ocean.”

Mohini Soni AI Enthusiast

Design Thinking and AI in collaboration with World University of Design.

Innovation potential is exponentially exploited when Design Thinking and AI can be integrated. The synergies are evident.

The innovation potential is best exploited through the synergies of Design Thinking and AI

Pintu Badal Design Thinker

Industry- Academia Collaboration

Vitti has created an ecosystem of Innovation through AI hubs at Universities. These are becoming the centres for Industry Academia collaboration.

Industry academia participation is key to growth

Yogesh Pargaien Strategy & Technical Architect | Data Scientist